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About us

Being a young person isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Life can become very stressful and tough, you may experience difficulties that you feel unable to solve and find yourself feeling and thinking in a way that is very concerning and distressing.

At YPCS we offer a safe and confidential environment for young people who are ready to take the opportunity to look at their difficulties and life experiences.

We do not give advice or a prescription for living, we aim to help the young person in discovering their own solutions and ways of coping so they gain the confidence in their own ability and develop the skills that will aid and support them through this difficult period and throughout their life. Within counselling there is an opportunity to talk with somebody who will not judge you, will be respectful of your view and will value what you say.

We do not judge or measure the difficulties a young person may present with. The significance to us is the mere fact that a young person is experiencing concern and distress of any kind and has taken the initial step to contact our Service.


Counselling can help with………

· Anxiety and depression

· Parent’s separation and divorce

· Relationship difficulties

· Coping with bullying

· The loss of somebody close to you

· Lack of confidence and low self-esteem

· Sexuality issues

· Abuse or other traumatic experiences

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